I have always been the kind of girl who is fond of writing.
Unfortunately i find more beauty in heart-wrenching drafts.
A few days ago, I was given an opportunity to handle photo captions of an Instagram account. I am more than happy to do that because it's really cool when you make money through what you love. The only hindrance is that this is a wedding organizer account,  so obviously I have to write something beautiful and elegant and of course festive, not something that I normally write, not something that breaks your heart when you read it. And honestly I find it difficult, thinking about it.. how could I have spent years writing something so sad? And now I have to learn to write something different. I wish I remember how it felt, to be happy.

Since i broke up with him, i didn't know what to do, so i went back to the old pack. The one where i work indirectly with someone who used to like me a lot. Without him i wouldn't be in this team. He's a good person. Btw congrats to him bcs he finally has a girlfriend!! Wow! I'm glad i no longer have to worry about hurting his feelings no more bcs apparently with or without a gf, he's still a confused sentimental guy who post sad quotes on instagram page- and it's 100% not for me 😂

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