I miss you. So much. As i always have.. I miss you and your arms, your hair, your perfume, your chubby cheeks. I miss holding your hand and leaning to your shoulder.
I miss being kissed on my forehead, cheeks and lips as you usually did before i got out of the car.
I miss hugging you, tickling you.
I miss lying on your lap while you were driving. I miss looking at you, even though you rarely look back. 
I miss you and the times you kissed my hand and bit my fingers. I miss the days when we called and talked for hours. I miss you so much that i simply want to call you and tell you how much i love you and that i can't live with the fact that we are strangers with memories. Today, i didn't want to wake up and go to work. Bcs i know it's not the same day anymore. It's not the same day in the past 4 months. I know it would be hard for me to leave, before this, i dare not imagine waking up knowing that the guy i love is no longer my boyfriend. 
Can't stop crying.

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