I'd always forgive you.
I'd be the one to apologize after we fought.
I'd always sacrifice my feelings.
I'd settle for you, even when you rarely meet my expectation.
I can't promise you a relationship without fights and argument, but as long as you are trying, I am staying.

THAT was my draft 10 hours ago. 
I had a fight with JT again, and all I ever thought was "solving" it. Till a friend of mine dropped by and i started spilling hints unexpectedly.
Everything i heard was "that's not right", "you're being soft", "you dont deserve this" and many other stuff that-believe me- i did think about after every fight.
But why did I stay again? 
Oh, that classic one. Same reason everybody uses to trick themselves.
I have some insight, though. Thank you, friend. 

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