A new job!


I'm here to update my life event today and not some mellow dramatic confession, lol.
This year is a great one.
It's the golden year of mine. I found a new love interest, I graduated, I traveled on my own (sort of), i had a job interview and.. i got my first full-time job. It starts tomorrow. Yeay..?
Tbh, thinking about it make me sick. It's like going back to school. In the past years, i had no grudge over Mondays or any other weekdays bcs I am that girl who never has to wake up early for school or work. But tomorrow after a three-month old holiday, I'm starting to hate weekdays again...i think.
No more work-outs in the morning, god pls help me stay in shape.
Wake me up at 6 in the morning too, perhaps. Oh god, i only did a few times a year, not so sure about making it a habitual discipline.
Give me strength to absorb whatever things I'm gonna learn at work and make sure I don't screw up bcs i wasn't born ready to get yelled at.
I am so nervous.
The kind of nervous when you're not ready to go to school but you have to, onlh this time no one's gonna call your parents bcs once you fck up, all the employees will know you and laugh at you for the whole year before you could end your work contract or even worse, you won't get a referral at any other company. Horrific enough?
I am thinking of sharing about my past 3 months travel diaries, but nvm, i can do it tomorrow. Now i gotta sleep at 10 pm like a baby. I dont wanna come late on my first day.