A letter for JT

am not easy to love. I have demands and trust-issues over guys. And to fall for someone is to give trust completely without demanding too much. So, I am still adapting to it. I am still new to this. To trust, and not demand. For this self-centered girl? It takes a toll on me, but yeah I am trying..to give you a space in my life, to set aside my ego, to trust you.
Honestly, I am a hopeless romantic who gets needy sometimes. And to be with you means that I have to tolerate many parts of you which are conflicting with my interests, dear Mr. Robot.
Being with you makes me happy, though. 
Sometimes i get suspicious about how universe had conspired to bring us together. 
Maybe i can't be the perfect girlfriend, and you can't be my dream guy but if this is real, please bare with me: my quirks, my emotions and my flaws.

-Your Love

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