Grandpa ❤️

I don't think one can get everything at once.
Whenever i get jealous over someone's pitch-perfect life, i always try to remind myself that it isn't as perfect as what it seems on the outside.
And that's true.
Many times, i pray to god to give me strength to handle my own problems. Many times, i get super stressed out and ended up feeling awry.
This time, with my graduation coming up, vacation, someone i am involved with, and the vibe of taking gap year.. I feel a little lucky for that.
It's the first time in years since i feel this secure about my life.
But again,
Nobody deserves a perfect non-bumpy life. 
My grandpa is sick. Idk how sick, but he has been admitted to the hospital for the third time. As much as i wish to say he's okay, i dont think he is.
He was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago and it happened again.
Liquid in his lungs prevented him from breathing. He had to breathe through tubes and his condition is terrible. 
Do you know what makes it worse? He has the equipment all over his body while he's still in conscious mind. 
He isnt in comma, or any state that makes us think he doesnt feel pain.
Before today, i always think that he's not an easy-to-take-care-of kinda elderly. He has a lot of complaint about things that don't go his favor. He is stubborn. He hates hospital.
 when he was admitted to the first hospital, we all knew how difficult it is to take care of him. But seeing him like this. So helpless and powerless, it is killing his pride. It really is. 
I love him. God, if i may, i wish you'd seize his pain away.

That was my draft a few days ago. I know that he'd be okay and my prayers would be heard. Grandpa is being discharged today! Oh i am so happy to hear that❤️

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