Like finally i did it in 3.5 yearsπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
I will take a moment of silence to thank myself because I finished what I started. I chose psychology as my major and with all the ups and downs, all the regrets and complaints in the process of learning, I am glad that I made it. I am glad that I could be responsible for what I had chosen. No one has ever interfered in my decision and I am proud to say that I am a grown up woman who has graduated as a Bachelor of psychology! 
Thanks mom and dad for picking the most beautiful baby breath and roses bouquet for me! Thanks mom for taking a leave to attend my graduation ceremony although you couldn't make it in the end, i bursted to tears when i saw mom and dad welcoming me once i got out from the ceremonial hall. I had been so worried bcs they didnt know the way to get there anddd i actually really wanted mom to be there watching the ceremony with me, on the other hand, mom was pretty busy that day, and dad told me that she freaked out bcs she was afraid she'd miss the moment. 

Even though i am an introvert who couldn't care less about other people, i am so glad you guys come (even if it wasn't for me, but well hahaha).

Thanks guys for sparing your time to come and congratulate me in person, thanks for the thoughtful gifts, flowers, stuffed dollsπŸ’

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