My final paper is done. Finished. Yes.
And guess who was the person I thought of telling it first?
This is why it's a big deal.
Because i get too attached. Always.
Keeping myself busy day and night is effective only IF I could sleep at midnight.
It kinda sucks when i miss him but i can never let him know because i have this feeling that he is doing fine without me anyways.

The first day was the hardest.
I woke up early for gym but as soon as I went out from there, I could smell his perfume in that crowded place. I think i miss him.
I cried in the shower, in the car, in my bed. I think i miss him.
I listen to the same sad songs again and again. I think i miss him.
It's Tuesday. Like the ones when I went to his place. 
Why the hell am i still thinking about this?
I will eventually get better. 

Why do I feel sad every time I read this? 

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