The Life of An Oxytocin Addict - Part 2

"Good job guys, see you again on Friday", Dylan said as he high-fived everybody on their way out of the room.
As the session was over, Nat went back to the locker to change. 
"400 calories more to burn. Screw you, dinner!", she whispered to the mirror. Nat does realize that she might be suffering from bulimia.
Besides, she needed to lose weight after the whole post-heartbreak binge-eating.

She put on her headset and walked out of the building, circling the field. 
Melancholic song was her company. No, she wasn't sad. It was just her mood swing.
The field was already empty after her third circle as everybody had rushed home soon after the training was dismissed.
She enjoys being alone. She thought it's a luxury to be alone. It's an art to learn to love oneself when he or she is alone.
She loves the peacefulness, the wind and the post-workout feeling.

"Hey. You new in the club?", a voice came from behind her.
"What?", Nat took off the wires and turned her head. She could see the new trainer running right behind her.
"Oh, no, no. I've been there for a few months", she answered in reflex.

"Well, then it's your first in my class I assume", he continued.
"Yeah, that's right", replied Nat.
"So.. You took Ronnie's classes? And Vanessa's?", he asked, trying to make a conversation.
"Yeah", Nat cut it short because
 the fact is that she enjoys Ronnie's classes more than the other resident trainers'. "By the way I've never seen you too.",  Nat added, catching the cue.  
"I just moved to this club last week. Are you working or something?", he speed up.

Nat tried to pull herself together and slow down her pace.
"No.. I am a student at the campus over there" said Nat while hiding her deprived social-skill. 
Overwhelmed, he asked, "That one? The so-called best college in the city?"
"Uh-uh", she scoffed.
"Do you live around here?", he added.
"No. It's a quite far from here.", feeling hesitate of telling too much about herself, she stopped.
Dylan wrinkled, expecting a full answer. 
"It's..near the Chinatown. What about you?", she stopped and grabbed the hand towel around her neck, wiping the sweat running down her face. 
"I'm at Fairmount", he smiled.
Nat rolled her eyes at him and exclaimed, "That's so far away!"
"Chinatown is a lot further man. Fairmount is like the heart of the city, you can go anywhere from there", he defended himself.
Nat shook his head and said, "No, no Fairmount is a suburb. It's so far away from my place."
"From your place,huh. Then your place is suburb", he bursted to laugh.
"No way!", she laughed knowing she can't win that.

He was not running for himself. Nat could sense it because he gave it away so easily.
It was a nice day and he made her feel even better. 
The leaves were rustling, she wore her headset back and changed the music into the "Feeling Good" playlist.
She keeps 5 playlists in her iPod which describes each of her emotion.
Her face started to turn reddish. 
"So.. You train in the mornings?", he broke the silence.
"Yeah, mostly.", she nodded.
She glanced at Dylan and they caught each other's eyes.
"Village woman!" 
"Village man!"
They laughed like they were already friends.
"I'm gonna shower now. See you later.", Dylan said.
"Great, see you", Nat replied with a smile. 
So the conversation ended. And like the saying goes, every ending is a new beginning.
But she went on running without knowing.

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