The Life of An Oxytocin Addict - Part 1

This morning is a fresh one.
The morning she has been missing, the one she wakes up to with no questions; or obsessive thoughts of the guy who dumped her two months ago.
She showered. She looked into the mirror, she touched her eyes. Her swollen eyes are still there. The ugly eye bags are hanging casually. 
But who cares?
"I didn't cry my eyes out, that's good news", she said to herself as she was tying up her ponytail. 

Like every other mornings, she is going to the club. Her favorite place to spend time, to find peace.
She ran one mile, as usual, before the training session.
Then, she rushed into the club and waited for her trainer, Ronnie.
15 minutes has passed. There is no sign of him. She waited, alongside with the other ten members, while scrolling over Instagram feed to kill time.
30 minutes now. He hasn't showed up.
Just when some members started chirping about leaving, somebody walked in the room. 
A handsome tall young man, wearing black sleeveless shirt and blue shorts. He rushed in, put down his sports bag and said, "Sorry I am late. Lets's get started now." 
His messy hair is a strong proof that he forgot to set his alarm.
Natasha did hear about him, the hot new trainer that everybody had been talking about.
Did I mention his name? Uh, it's Dylan.

As an amateur, she doesn't expect herself to do advanced moves. She always stands behind, in the shadows. She took up dancing to heal her heart but she gradually fell in love with it. 
She loves it when her mind is preoccupied with something else.
"Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine..and Drop it"
"The right way should be like this, let's do it again."
"Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine..and Drop it"
As the new trainer was reciting the same thing over and over again, she has only one thing in her mind: his pronunciation of "six" is terrible.

Then it came to stretching session. 
She was doing everything instructed just as the others when she saw somebody approaching.
"Do it this way", he pressed her thighs down and gave her a stare.
Those eyes.
Those are the eyes that speak to her soul.
The electricity that flowed between their stares gave her butterflies.
She knew it that second, this man is dangerous.

She told herself to grow up and learn to cope with that kind of feeling. 
"It was nothing", she assured her inner-god.

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