Hii 🙈

Sometimes i wonder why i have always been so lonely and then i finally got the answer.
*music plays*
I resent people.
I can be polite though but i avoid negativity you know.
I resent manipulative/over-reacting/ignorant/careless/boastful people. Oh and i hate critics, i hate liars, i hate copycats, i hate hypocrites, i hate ms or mr I-know-more-than-you, i hate backstabbers, i hate ms or mr I-am-the-best-here, i hate panicky people, i hate people who keep sayin sorry, i hate people who only read my text when i expect a reply, i hate ppl who act like they know me, i hate people who take advantage of me, i hate people who judge, i hate attention-seekers, i hate people who calculate wayyyy too much, and maybe another 100 kinds of people.
Most of the time, depends on how pissed I am with their existence, I let them blend in my social life but when i get uncomfortable, i back away. I am just showing my courtesy. 

In conclusion, it's very hard for me to please myself. Not to mention, I try to be nice to people i meet but i can't make em stay bcs i don't feel like they deserve to get their time wasted when i clearly know how i feel. No wonder.

But when i love, i love harder than a bird pecking on a tree
My life is a roller-coaster with easy lanes and peaks and slopes .

Umm, sorry not sorry. 😹

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