Friendly reminder!

We don't live the life of Romeo and Juliet. We rarely hear about love at first sight anymore. Before you fall in love, all you see are attractiveness and similarity. And you might misinterpret it as butterflies in your stomach. You try so hard to get his attention, to please him and you missed all the good stuff while he is at the backdoor, flirting with another girl.
But who are you to judge? He calls you sometimes,he snapchats you, he makes you laugh, he texts you, stop here. He is JUST BEING NICE. 
Keep that in mind before you panic bcs he doesn't reply your text , he added your female friends, he followed their instagram, he blablabla. 
Speaking from experience, don't fall (at all). Don't fall before you are sure about how much he is into you.
Boys will be boys bcs they produce testosterones (not sure bout how I relate this, but try to look at males with this point of view and you'll realize how unsteady they are). Play it cool. Really. 
Attractiveness and similarity are two important qualities but listen to yourself, are you being ridiculous? Obsessively ridiculous? 
He's not yours, he gets to flirt. You are not his, you get to relax and go live your life!

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