No. I am not writing about something good that 'brightened up' my day.
I simply love the song from Echosmith. Might even make it my wedding soundtrack?
Beautiful lyric with a lot of cosmic stuff. You know, my stuff.
Anyway. My holiday? Sucks.
Suck. Suck. And suck.
I am in that dark burrow again. Non-stop movie marathon except when I am working. I sleep reeeeaally late and end up waking up late that i can't even get my ass off to the gym.
And you know what goes with movies? Snack! Snack and no gym and I am not given extra job, so all i get is fat. Fat!
My love-hate relationship with movie marathon? It consumes me. I always get emotionally involved with one couple from the movie. 
So the guy died. I liked the guy. That cute warm comforting smile? He freakin died! And the woman couldn't move on. But she finally did and she married the first guy she dated in the movie. And i was happy because I do want them to be together, i mean, the guy was a total jerk but he has changed and he is not much of a sweet talker which makes him sweet but then the woman went crazy and left him but just when the guy wanted to end the marriage, she came back for him but you know, he wouldn't try again.
Stupid movie with stupid plot. Why do they prolong the series and pull out the characters from early season, making lots of affairs which affected me mentally? And the rating is going down, seriously. It's not personal.

Oh no.
I go to sleep with this. I wake up with this. I feel sick. I feel crazy. 
I don't talk to my friends, i don't text anyone, i don't hang out, i even check my phone only once a day.. I lay low.
I should do something, right?
Well, I am not really a gossip type, especially not to my friends and i don't know the people who are not my friends..so i think and talk about the movies.
Gosh. I don't get it. I am bored with my life already.
I've got no motivation at all. Nothing.
Like there are black clouds in front of me and I do nothing to move forward.
I settle.
God forbids!
I am not supposed to be in this no-purpose-Juliana mood.
I need a thrill. Adventure. Leisure. Well, anything that pumps the veins.
Please do contact me.

I know. It's funny how people live. One day you might think that your home is the safest and most comfortable place you'll ever be. The next week, you step out of the door to seek for adrenaline. Sunlight. Waterslides. Um, boom. Well, anything fun.
I am bored! 
Nah, i am just reviving energy for my thesis. No. I don't wanna think about it. It is stressful. Awful and stressful. Okay, i am getting weird.


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