Blessed 21

Die Diery,

I watched The Notebook a while ago. Idk why but I've been watching classic movies nearly every night now.
It helps to put back those lost hopes of Ryan Gosling kinda man.
I hate every kind of love story because they ain't real. But I gotta try flooding myself with it. 
Maybe love will come along then.

Anyway.. Happy legal age!
Being legal means nothing in my country, really. 
Somehow i have legalized myself before my I.D card say so. Hehehe.
Thank you everyone for the wishes, for putting up with me up to this point, thank you!
To my best friends whom I always turn to whenever I am up or down, bought me balloons too.. you guys are amazing and you have the most heart-warming wishes!
To my parents and my brother, thank you for making me the most special daughter and sister today and everyday.

I started to make list of places i wanna be on my birthday umm.. last few days.
One of them be THEME PARK. Lucky me, mom and dad could make it for a short get away!
It was a really sunny day though, and I didn't want to get tanned (unless for the beach).
But I am very happy today as i did something different from the previous years.
Nothing fancy, but it has been a while since my last play.
Those rides are nostalgic. Remember how fun..how those rides made me scream and laugh.
You know, that kind of feeling when you ate your favorite childhood cookies?
Theme park is a good idea, it would be perfect if you have your friends or loved one with you.
My advice?
No matter how old you get, never let your soul grow too old. 
As for me, I want to be young at heart forever. 

The same wishes go to me every birthday since '13. Move on, get a boyfie, blahblah.
Maybe my problem is that I can't keep up with characteristic evolution. Men are becoming very complicated. They made this thing called 'love' very hard.
I personally think that I won't be able humiliate or hate someone I truly love.
I could. But I don't want to. Because love is that simple. 
If love was a treasure box... You should take it if you want to, and leave it there if you don't. But don't break then throw it away and let somebody else fix it. Don't be an ass.
Melodramatic-movie effect.

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