Dear Diary,

I got a surprise cake today from my gym girls. I had just showered when they came over, and my granny literally failed their attempt to surprise me. Haha!
Thank you God, you have surrounded me with many many blessings.
I have just known them for a year or so, but I do feel loved.
You know, i am not the kind of person who needs many friends scattering around, but i love talking to them during gym classes and after... 
They treated me like their little sister, and I have this mimi Mery whom i love as if she was my mom. I am grateful. I am.
They are good people. We hang out sometimes, we even went to one of the girl's home since she celebrates Eid Mubarak.
But honestly, it's a different friendship from the one I have with my besties.
Idk. It's hard to explain.
Fun it is. 

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