A Thank You Note

One cake a day, one gift another. Juliana is loved :)
I am very thrilled, but it's not 17th of July anymore, lol.
I laughed and smiled a lot this past week and hopefully to the rest of my life :D
So yesterday, Henny and Hendy kidnapped me from my home early in the morning. I was sleeping when they called me up to open the front door. Then they got me in the car, I blew birthday candles from a phone application and they drove for breakfast while I was still in pyjamas!
It's weird how I could understand the way they "love". I am happy I found them. Henny even made a craft for me while Hendy is a new guy in my circle but it only took a while for me to feel like we've known each other forever!

They shouted "orang gila (crazy person)" from a distant >.<

Blowing the "12" candles

In the afternoon, Pinle brought me to shop. I got to choose MY own birthday present from my #bffs the 'Bocah bocah'! That's wow.
I had to fast forward my birthday because most of them were out of town on the D day. Their presence means a lot more than anything else really.
After that we went for a dinner wity Dev, one of our besties who has just come back from China.
It was a reeeally great day.

Today, I skipped gym for the sixth day. I do feel guilty. 
Well, I went for a movie with Sheena and her sister. She was a former student of mine. They gave me a box of chocolate with a birthday greeting card! Thank you! I love chocolate!
Anyway we watched the Ant Man. It was pretty good actually and I am glad the ants don't look as gross as they really are. 
After that, I met up with my uni classmates who gave me a birthday cake! Haha! Another candles to blow, still the same wishes. It was a staged surprise, of course I knew their plan. 
What I didn't know was that only half of them were there. You know, being around the "people" matters. 
But I chose to be as happy as possible! I am blessed and loved! I am not good with verbal expressions, so if you see me quiet, it means my mind is looking for a better word than "thank you"! 
Thank you Nuovi, Aci and Benny!

Do you know what i love the most about birthday? Everything absolutely, but there's more.. The greeting cards. 



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