Birthday is meant to remind you of how special you are.
To remind you of the day when you, the embryo, and your mom made it to keep you (and hopefully both of you) alive.

The day a baby was born, it cries.
I read it somewhere that it cries because it was born in this cruel big world.
The day I before was born, my mom and dad were dating. They were on the way to watch a movie before mom had her first contraction.
The next day, I was there. I live. Maybe i even knew she won her fight. So I am thinking that maybe the crying stuff is because the baby actually felt bad for hurting mommy.

It isn't entirely true that it is a cruel big world. The world is just a sum of 7 billion people's tiny world and 'cruel' is a matter of perception.
I am sure that the meaning of birthday adds up every year.
For me, it isn't just about survival, but also existence.
Yes. Existence among people I love. 
Let's start with Yin and Yang, a concept that I hold on dearly. Balance is the key to kill anxiety. When people i love love me back, i feel happy. Otherwise, i am off balance.
So you and i must have ups and downs through the 364days, hence there is one day when we can reset everything. 
Maybe you still love John, but he didn't even greet you on your birthday, or you never talk to Alice but she  texted you a birthday greeting, or your best friend Mark completely  forgot about your birthday? 
Human is made of tissues. Plus neurons, hard particles, liquid. The brain actually weighs how much someone loves you by their action. So when people i love do something for me, it makes my day because I realize that I exist in their world. Simple isn't it?
Birthday wishes, cakes, and presents are supplement to boost endorphins making me happier. Therefore it's a special day.



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