Sleepless week


Back from a Friday movie night :D
Casual hang out with dear mom and brother because I need a break from my stressful final!
Why did they name it Indominus? We've been arguing about better names for a while, lols.
Archaeorous? Palenosaur? Allinoneceptor?
Just a thought.
It's not wrong to text multiple girls at the same time. 
It's not wrong at all as you're not in any particular relationship.
But keep in mind that the girls you treated that way, they might be doing the same thing to you.
And you're gonna cry in despair when she chooses the other guy. Or if you are an ass, you're gonna deny it and tell the world how horrible she is.
Or maybe she is a melancholic romantic who gets attached really quickly to one and only guy at a time.. And you can still keep doing that to her because she is your nobody.
One way or the other,
Don't you overrate yourself. 
Don't, because the girls who text multiple guys won't choose a guy like you and the girls who stay loyal to you deserve better.

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