Is it a Curse?


A short break before my next assignment, my mind is already wandering about how I want my 21stbirthday  celebrated.
At one side, I want it to be garden-themed, and my other side wants it to be legal-themed, meaning more beers.
As far as I remember, most of my Bocah Bocah Petualang buddies are having internship out town, leaving only some of my besties here :(
Should I just keep it simple and decent like the previous ones? 
But you do know I need to get my mind wasted somewhere else other than my thoughts.
I remember this curse coming since my 19th birthday.
I had my first and worst heart-break near my birthday. It was exactly like this situation. Happiest days at the end of May to the beginning of June even B brought me out town on 2nd June, I remember so well, then tremendous break down after.
Before my 20th birthday, I had a crush with this M guy, who apparently was close with some other girls and not into any kind of intimate relationship. Err, I remember it ended shortly in the end of May I think.
Then this year, close to my 21st. Again. With the exact mark as my first one with B. Justa s bad, just as sad. Seriouslyyyyyyy!?
God I believe you are gonna replace these guys with the best one but I am seeing a pattern here. Don't tell me I am being supertitious because I won't call this coincidence 😭😭😭😭
Don't play games with me anymore, just stop already, 21st is a sacred legal age. Enough playing dumb. Enough. I don't need another player in my life. Leave them be.
There are other dumb girls you need to give lessons to, aren't there?

Hopefully things will get better. Hopefully.

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