Die Diery,

It was just a cool chit-chat with my bestie and my favorite cousin. We were talking bout getaways.
I am in my ZEN mood, meaning peaceful and content, not necessarily needing a holiday yet except that my other bestie asked me for another rave party at BALI, wtfffff, I just cant resist. Ok, it's hard to ignore bcs I have never been to Bali and I had always wanted to go to Dreamsfield (google it) !!
But..I have just come back from Krabi, my skin has gotten darker, and the biggest problem is.. I hardly have the cash, it's Bali dude, it's just a lot of expense and as a Miss Independent, I  don't want to bother my parents with my selfish wish.

I have a lot of things I rush to achieve but I haven't made much progress yet. So tonight I wrote it down. I remember my lecturer saying about sth dreams, that we have to jot it down. I remember what my aunt say about dreaming big, and believing that God has all the powers.
I am just too realistic for a dream-come-true stuff. But not tonight.
I need positive vibe from all the whole world so that I could save enough money by August. I need all luck in the core of this mother Earth so that I could achieve my goals. And I need every good thing to happen as my bucket lists are getting longer.

#ineedajob #ineedtwojobs #ineedmiracle

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