What You Deserve

I expect nothing from a relationship, but happiness.
It's not about what car he drives, or where he lives, or how much his watch is..
Or whatever.
I think we will all fall back to comfort.
Comfort wins at all costs.
Similarity second.
Standard could be number zero or number three. 

I have one little secret which proves comfort is a priority.
I shared it with one of my dear friends while we were having beer.
Whenever I look back, I know how silly it sounds, how careless.
Why would I be towed so far away leaving my standard number Z?
Because comfort wins-- sometimes after standard, sometimes before. Nevertheless, once it wins it will always be on top, you can't undo the feelings.
That's love.

Whoever tell you money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop. It sure as hell buys anything.
But remember, you don't need money to find one.
You deserve to be happy with someone who makes you smile without even trying.
You deserve to be protected by someone who is a keeper.
You deserve to be comfortable with someone who hugs tenderly.
When you feel how precious you are for that someone, that's happiness.

If you, as I, haven't found our happiness..
No worries.
Good things do go to those who work their asses off, but..love is patience.

P.S. I would rather post ten more of my thoughts than start thinking about my assignment. Geez.

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