I don't do Valentines

Guess what I'm doin.
I am shuffling my music track for the coming 14th Feb.
Seems I have plans on Valentine's day.
Plan A: listen to sad songs while getting drunk with wine all alone in my bed.
I know it sucks, really sucks. So, I made a back up plan.
Plan B: get my friends to spend time at the club and go crazy.
This one is a lot better, club is definitely the place where you won't feel lonely bcs all the love birds are having dinner, leaving single mingles.
But here comes big problem. Who are the friends I am referring to?
No one! Well, I haven't asked but I don't think I could find another pack of sad souls.
My God.. Since when did I become so unsocialized..?

I'm thinkin. My Chuck Bass can't be him who had no guts to ask me for a movie; not him who never carried out his plan to bring me for a swim and whatever quality time he talked about; not him who promised to buy me things that I never asked for; not him who ignored me out of the blue; not him who has hundreds of women friends in his Path; and not him who promised that he'd miss me before leaving without a trace indeed.
I'm tired of cheap talks.
Obviously real men are not those who promise you stuff that they won't do. And certainly not those who experimented with the softest part of your heart.

You know, maybe Valentine doesn't suit me at all.
Speaking of experience, I used to stay up all night to mould many many chocolates and share the 'love' but I'm sick of kiddo stuff.
Valentine is for kids and profits of chocolate factories and restaurants!
Yea, the truth is I'm upset. The helllll.

Good night

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