Blair Cornelia Waldorf

Bow down minions,

I have always adored her. She's strong, straight-forward, manipulative, yet beautiful, funny, protective and one quality of hers which fascinated me is that she always knows what she wants and of course ways to get it. 
She has a Chuck Bass who shares his dark side with her since the first through the finale episode. Perfect.
Well, Leighton played her really well that makes her real queen B.
If you have T.Swift or A.Grande, I have B.Waldorf as my muse.

But right now I'm feeling more like Serena VDW. Drifting from one heart to another and never really knows what she wants. It took her 5 years to find her true love who had been around her all the time!
I'm so confused about Dan Humphrey! One season he said he loved Blair unconditionally and next he told Serena that she had always been the one.
At least they ended up as I wanted, Chair and Derena together, leaving me the golden boy Nate Archibald, but no, Nate has had his issues, he's just as confused as Serena.
I can talk about my favorite characters fervently all day :)

Good night,

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