Krabi, I'm in love (Part II)

I summed up the islands that i visited when I was in Krabi below, check it out!

-Hong Island
This island is restricted and controlled by the government. If you come by tour agency, then the ticket fee is paid. There are toilets and snack corners. It's unique bcs ships stop at a harbor which is a huge floating rubber. The tour guide told us that it costs 10000 Baht to stay at the hotel on this island.
The water here is clear turquoise with a lot of fish even in shallow water. It's surrounded by huge cliffs and white sand, perfect for sun tanning.
School of fish in shallow water

The floating harbor rubber

White sand and the beach= purrfect

I think there was a little sand on my phone cam :(

-Chicken & Turtle Island
Idk if we could actually land on this island, but they got their name from their silhouette. Current around the islands is very strong that I prefer a life vest to snorkel. The island is also perfect for adrenaline seeker bcs it's where deep water solo takes place. Shortly, it's cliff jumping. Tourists can swim from the boat to the tug-ladder and climb up as high as they want to jump into the water.

Chicken versus turtle

Strong current, life vest needed!

The "little sailor" was the first to reach the top and challenge the other swimmers to go after him.

-Tup Island
I had BBQ dinner here, watching the sunset, with lots of other tourists either lying or eating or just walking around. Beautiful shallow beach where you can take picture with the sunset further away without getting soaked. After dinner, usually the locals would give a daring fire show. Caution: no bathrooms are available.

People were queuing to take photo with the sunset

We got the last minute sunset pic, thanks China guy!

Whoaaa, fire show to warm up the cold night

-Railay Beach
One of my favorite! Hotels and stalls right facing the beach. The beach itself is calm so ppl can play volley or swim in it. This place is very suitable for youngsters ;)

Panorama from the deck of boat.

Beach tennis and beach volley

-Daeng Island
I forgot about how this island got its name, but it offers a pretty great snorkeling point. Water current was just okay.
No life vest needed B)

I didn't have any underwater cam, this was taken by my iphone 5s in a sealed waterproof bag

-Lading Island
Nothing special here except that its greenish water is surrounded by many broad cliffs. Swimming might be dangerous as there are many rocks and it's quite deep unless you hold on the cliffs around it. There are many sea urchins too! It was my first contact with the darn sea urchin when I was trying to swim pass to the middle cliff. My dad got its spines nearly the whole back of his foot while I was freaked out enough, feeling my blood flowing out through the tiny purple spot. 
The guide had to bust the spines out by hitting on the spots with sandals and pour some vinegar on it (lucky to have first aid)! After an hour, I felt better and the spot which might be the poison of sea urchin slowly dissolved.

-Poda Island
This was my favorite beach <3
It was very very breathtaking looking at it. Shallow bay in light turquoise to deep blue sea water. Soft white sand to perfect the picture!
The current was strong but tourists aren't allowed to pass the safety border. It's pretty great for sun bathing but chilling in the shallower side of sea is cool as the wave keeps coming after you and push you back to the shore.


Crystal clear 

On my second trip with the local tour (7islands), I witnessed a late night snorkeling. It was 8.30 PM and I thought we were heading back to the port, but then the boat stopped and told us that we could see  the light of planktons covering our body if we snorkel at that completely dark night. Dark as "black" and you can hardly see anything else but the light from boat, camera couldn't even capture a thing. Everyone was unlikely to swim in the cold sea after drying up their body at Tup island but as more people talk about how pretty it looked down there, more and more people geared up to the side of cliff where planktons reside. They said the soaked life vest was even colder than the water. 
The Korean guy that I really liked shouted "it's very beautiful" in Korean, and it was the only phrase I could understand. 

On our way home, I was sitting on the deck with my brother and our two Chinese acquaintances. Many couples were hugging each other, more romantically warming up their spouse who swam in the cold sea (I was a little jealous). The breeze complemented by night sky full of stars and a half moon.. the sound of the wave hitting the hull of our boat.. I think I finally found my peace of mind that night. Everyone was really quiet, enjoying the very last view of the sea.
After we dropped some passengers to Railay beach, it left my brother and me and 3 Korean girls on the deck. I lay on the deck, facing the sky. As the boat was sailing, my eyes were capturing every side of the sky. The cold hard deck felt just fine with a view of starry ceiling. I took a deep breath and I couldn't possibly close my eyes even if the moment was so perfect for a good night sleep bcs I don't want to ever forget the gorgeous starry sky. If only you were there with me, readers, you would be amazed. It was nothing special compared to the picturesque beaches but it was my most peaceful moment. 
The other boat with my favorite Korean boy :'(

Completely dark night

Railay from afar

Undescribable beautiful starry sky, but I couldn't capture anything else but the half moon and one shiny star

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