heartaches make strong women

Die Diery,

What a nice evening I had with Pinle, my one and only beer companion. My evenings feel empty whenever I drink alone and it makes me feel even lonelier when she leaves for Jakarta. So cheers to my girl!

It's intimate you know, when you sit and drink and talk about nonsense and secrets, and you don't feel guilty talking about it at all. I am a loner but it doesn't mean I don't want friends. I could use some new gangs to go insane with. You know TS says, we're young and we're reckless.
I haven't felt so reckless.

Well well, I have been honest about my feelings for many times and it never ends well. 
I guess it's true that good guys are either gay or married.
And from what I discussed this evening, it seems that women tend to be blinded by love like fools!
We have standards to maintain, yet it all falls back to comfort. What's the point? 

Keep calm and drink beer,

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