Boys (n): a kind of myth females fall and cry over

Hey viewers.

Have you ever wondered why I took Psychology as my major?
In my perspective, a psychologist must be sb who listens and helps her client in finding a way to solve her problems. As when everybody is crazy and you're the only one sane enough to cure them
Uh?  God knows what I am doing.
I have always been the one telling about my confusion and asking around about tips to move on from the past..
I don't think I can ever live alone and be the savior of broken ppl when I myself rely on those who'd love to get drunk with me.

Well, today my bestfriend told me about her issue and I don't really know if I did comfort her bcs nothing like that is on the damn book.
Dear, I know what you feel and I didn't learn it from any lecture, I'm not sure if it helps but we all agree that heartache makes strong women. You're allowed to eat and get fat, to drink and hangover, maybe cry a little and travel a lot, but strictly not to fall behind.

It's crazy and depressing but as time passes by, you will get better.
The worst scenario might be the one when you turn numb and not afraid to get hurt anymore.
Once you pass the biggest storm, those little rains might think they have drown you, while you survive and let go.

Okay enough of the bullshit I know it won't help or maybe you're crying more when you read this melancholic girl's mind, so just grab some ice cream or beer tonight, cry as much as you want and sleep well. I'm sorry I can't be there with you :(

Do worry here,

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