Go healthy!

It was raining hard till 9a.m this morning so I had to skip the gym because my bed won't let me me leave it with the romantic sound of the rain. Besides,I slept real late last night, Idk why but i'm havin trouble sleepin lately. 
Somehow waking up late charged my body. Felt like doing something productive (due to the guilt of skipping yoga and functional classes), I checked my fridge and started mixing healthy things: fruits!
I always put yoghurt in my juices, so this time I actually made apple with yoghurt and yakult juice (and a few pieces of papaya to color). Well it's a long name, so I'll just call it Moodbooster.
Excited to taste, I pour it in the Scotch glass bcs I couldn't find anything else hahaha.
It tastes so good but I just used my last- half piece of apple that I  couldn't make another glass. Remember to put lots of yoghurt, this isn't just normal apple juice *teehee
So I tried the second challenge, this time with bananas. I still find it weird "drinking banana" but it tastes and smell really nice.

I've been in a lot of dilemma about my morning sip.
I always have a cup of hot milk in the morning, and mom usually makes a glass of juice for me after the milk, then I bring a bottle of warm lemon water anywhere I go.
But I've just read an article about having warm lemon water first in the morning because it's good for digestion and liver.
Now, I'm just so confused about which to drink first -.-


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