Compliance and Steadiness

Die Diery,

I had my DISC personality test last week and did a review about it yesterday.
Not surprisingly, I'm a person who long for steadiness and high in compliance.  I'm very well structured, so my lecturer said. Hm, yes I have a week of packed schedule and "theme" for each day, but I'm actually a very disorganized person no matter how much I want steadiness. Well, I do agree I dislike sudden change of plans that ruin my schedule, but I still like some random plans during boring days. Steadiness causes stress. When I can't find balance and lose control, my inner self conflicted and it causes the strain that I'm facing most of the days.
Andddd I'm compliant yes. Yes and yes. I never feel relieved doing something I'm not supposed to do. I never feel right wearing jeans to college even though many of us broke the rule, never feel safe playing truants since I got caught for my first truant at high school and had to march at school yard with dozen others, ah, miss them.
Always low in influence trait. Idk how to make sb like me or talk to me. I never like to force others to fit in my point of view. You don't need others to judge your quality, you know. But yeah criticisms do hurt some edges.

Anyway, these 2 weeks have been hectic and crazyyyy. I haven't had enough sleep.

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