No one

Die Diery,

Idk how it goes with me now but I'm just irritated by the fact that I'm gonna spend my weekend either alone or with my family only since bffs have doubled up! And yet, despite my ego to deal with my trust issues with guys (whom i will never trust before they start to act instead of lie and boast), I'm very desperately envious.
I used to love weekends, I didn't understand why people would make jokes about Saturday nights because I've always had some people I could turn to. We always had fun till I know that one day they will leave. And things will never be the same.

Medan isn't a really big city, I need to find a place to crash and new friends you know. But how..
Is my social life reaching its limit? Because I don't think I have those Saturday bestfriends anymore..
They said few true friends are enough, but not really when they aren't around.

Btw, you listened to Maroon 5's new album yet? I mean that 'Unkiss Me' song made me look back to those drunk nights.

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