Dear Diery,

I finally met up with my old classmates after 5 years!
I did keep in touch with some of them till the very last of high school year, but I haven't met most of them since I moved to science class.
They were my classmates for 14 years and high school literally decide who the friends of your life are!
They are still the same people I knew but it felt different and awkward to sit among them, especially in the first hour. We used to hold each other's arms and laugh hard at stupid jokes, but when time washes away those feelings, you go bland.
They brought up tons of memories in our reunion group  and I kept on trying to recall those missing pieces. I remember Ben used to fight with me in primary school, I used to be close with a many girl in the picture, the love life of primary students, WU went to the same tuition with me, the movie day at JC's and all the lability of adolescents.
Time flies pals. They are now grown ups and lookin good, havin good life as well.
I've missed them greatly, I told you, didn't I?


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