Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much a human heart can hold -- Zelda Fitzgerald

Die Diery,

Today I coincidentally confessed to a friend about how much I despise his friend.
And after what happened, he hit me right at "Your heart is really soft". 
Well, it's true as what I've always described about myself--fragile, like Chinese flower pot.

I'm stunt by the fact that there are actually people who could piss me off without doing anything. Today, I realized that I have a pair of them.  I'm certainly not a saint,  nor am I a naive teenage anymore. You've gotta meet some kind of people whose dialog never goes right for you and your auras might just counter each other. It is said that the heart of a woman is like ocean and its depth cannot be measured. I detest his presence that's all, I hope it isn't too deep.
I don't judge people. I don't wanna act smart by saying what type of person he is. But I do know well that he's the "I just don't like him" type. Sounds really selfish hahaha, who cares, nothing to hide.
Manipulative or fake or boastful or haughty? 
None of them is a good quality of human.

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