I'm a cook!

Holiday is officially overrrrr :(
I've been spending good amount of time upgrading my cooking skill.
The pictures above are only some of the food I cooked.
I used to be a very lousy person in the kitchen that I couldn't even fry frozen french fries properly.
But yesterday I cut the potatoes and fried them myself!
I made chocolate pudding, soup, cheese cake and mashed potato (but I didn't make the gravy) and many more!
My love in cooking didn't outweigh my laziness until I realize how amazing is a woman who cooks.
So here I am, waking up in the morning to cook a new dish, then eat it up (getting awfully fat), cook lunch together with grandma as we have no catering on holiday then go grocery shopping in the afternoon after lookin up new recipe, clean them up. REPEAT .
I went to the supermarket and learn the names of veggies too! 
I'm glad mom always helps me out, be my best company and biggest sponsor in my autodidactic lesson.
Of course I failed in some attempts and had to throw "money" away and  sometimes I think why would I do the cooking and clean up if I could just eat out and order fine dishes?
Seriously, cleaning is the WORST part of cooking. 

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