Get a life

Dear Diery,

I love keeping myself busy all the time, but seriously I need to get a life!
I'm going back to college next week and I always have this syndrome of tiredness at the end of holiday.
Well, I'm busy enough the past month so I can't imagine what I'm gonna be once the routine restarted-- sleepless nights, assignments, and morning classes, the sorts that kill me psychologically.
This holiday was different. I no longer wake up late and do movie marathon (only on certain lazy days), instead, I went to the gym nearly every morning. I figure out that I just love working out, it makes me feel stronger ;)

It's the end of the month... Most of my friends have gone back to the city and country where they continue their studies. I miss them already, huh. Anyway, I have never been poorer since I decided to pay everything with my own cash which makes life kinda harder for me. I'm still trying to keep my feet on the ground though, gee, half proud and half tortured lol.  There are so many wishlists and bucketlists to fulfill. I've cut my expense in shopping, or even Starbucks but it's still difficult to save. Can I really go to the U.S next year, seeing there's no chance I could make it up myself...?


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