Small and big world

Dear Diery,

It is said that this world is very small. 
This city I live in is even smaller. I could meet unexpected people at unexpected time and place.
An acquintance of mine at the gym is apparently my friend's cousin. I can say how much of a coincidence it is. 
If this city is really small.. Why can't I run into anyone else?
But after all those collisions, why can my star not collide with the other star?
It seems like I crossed each one out.



Get a life

Dear Diery,

I love keeping myself busy all the time, but seriously I need to get a life!
I'm going back to college next week and I always have this syndrome of tiredness at the end of holiday.
Well, I'm busy enough the past month so I can't imagine what I'm gonna be once the routine restarted-- sleepless nights, assignments, and morning classes, the sorts that kill me psychologically.
This holiday was different. I no longer wake up late and do movie marathon (only on certain lazy days), instead, I went to the gym nearly every morning. I figure out that I just love working out, it makes me feel stronger ;)

It's the end of the month... Most of my friends have gone back to the city and country where they continue their studies. I miss them already, huh. Anyway, I have never been poorer since I decided to pay everything with my own cash which makes life kinda harder for me. I'm still trying to keep my feet on the ground though, gee, half proud and half tortured lol.  There are so many wishlists and bucketlists to fulfill. I've cut my expense in shopping, or even Starbucks but it's still difficult to save. Can I really go to the U.S next year, seeing there's no chance I could make it up myself...?



Pasta Day

wish veggies could stay fresh longer. I checked my refrigerator and I had to cook them up before they go bad.
It isn't all perfecto because my Spaghetti Aglio e Olio was too greasy and I finally learnt that it has to be served right away to prevent it becoming too oily.
Then I added broccoli (to clear my fridge) in the fettuccini and my food reviewer (brother) said they don't go along and I shouldn't have cut up those tuna.
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio for lunch and Spicy Tuna Fettuccini for dinner <3


Everything eventually comes to an end.

Do you believe how fast and slow time heals human's heart?
It's been a year since that day.
Well I passed the date which I thought I'd never forget, so I guess I do get better after all.
And you know what?
It really is easier if you think OR at least made to think that he's vanished. 
The truth is, I never know the truth.


Lost star

Die diery,

I was often asked about my goal and my livelong dream.
All I could ever say was "I don't know". Then, my inner voice whispered "happiness".
Well, I'm satisfied with everything but it's simply incomplete.


The right people will come to you, and stay.

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much a human heart can hold -- Zelda Fitzgerald

Die Diery,

Today I coincidentally confessed to a friend about how much I despise his friend.
And after what happened, he hit me right at "Your heart is really soft". 
Well, it's true as what I've always described about myself--fragile, like Chinese flower pot.

I'm stunt by the fact that there are actually people who could piss me off without doing anything. Today, I realized that I have a pair of them.  I'm certainly not a saint,  nor am I a naive teenage anymore. You've gotta meet some kind of people whose dialog never goes right for you and your auras might just counter each other. It is said that the heart of a woman is like ocean and its depth cannot be measured. I detest his presence that's all, I hope it isn't too deep.
I don't judge people. I don't wanna act smart by saying what type of person he is. But I do know well that he's the "I just don't like him" type. Sounds really selfish hahaha, who cares, nothing to hide.
Manipulative or fake or boastful or haughty? 
None of them is a good quality of human.


I'm a cook!

Holiday is officially overrrrr :(
I've been spending good amount of time upgrading my cooking skill.
The pictures above are only some of the food I cooked.
I used to be a very lousy person in the kitchen that I couldn't even fry frozen french fries properly.
But yesterday I cut the potatoes and fried them myself!
I made chocolate pudding, soup, cheese cake and mashed potato (but I didn't make the gravy) and many more!
My love in cooking didn't outweigh my laziness until I realize how amazing is a woman who cooks.
So here I am, waking up in the morning to cook a new dish, then eat it up (getting awfully fat), cook lunch together with grandma as we have no catering on holiday then go grocery shopping in the afternoon after lookin up new recipe, clean them up. REPEAT .
I went to the supermarket and learn the names of veggies too! 
I'm glad mom always helps me out, be my best company and biggest sponsor in my autodidactic lesson.
Of course I failed in some attempts and had to throw "money" away and  sometimes I think why would I do the cooking and clean up if I could just eat out and order fine dishes?
Seriously, cleaning is the WORST part of cooking. 



Dear Diery,

I finally met up with my old classmates after 5 years!
I did keep in touch with some of them till the very last of high school year, but I haven't met most of them since I moved to science class.
They were my classmates for 14 years and high school literally decide who the friends of your life are!
They are still the same people I knew but it felt different and awkward to sit among them, especially in the first hour. We used to hold each other's arms and laugh hard at stupid jokes, but when time washes away those feelings, you go bland.
They brought up tons of memories in our reunion group  and I kept on trying to recall those missing pieces. I remember Ben used to fight with me in primary school, I used to be close with a many girl in the picture, the love life of primary students, WU went to the same tuition with me, the movie day at JC's and all the lability of adolescents.
Time flies pals. They are now grown ups and lookin good, havin good life as well.
I've missed them greatly, I told you, didn't I?