I can't believe I turned 20 a week ago. I'm 20. 
No matter how many candles I blow, I do have one little wish that I keep for myself and it retains forever.
I used to imagine what I'd be when I'm not a teenager anymore and now that I'm not, I could feel the weighs on my shoulder.
I've got almost everything that I need in my simply ornated life.  But almost is never enough.
I won't be asking for maturity bcs I know I have got it since I was a lot younger, but now I need courage. I need to stand on my feet, not fly away nor fall on the ground. I am a hesitate person but I wish I were not. I wish I'd be given this strength and will to work hard as ever, companions on my best and worst days or those days between and blessings in every choice that I make.
I wish for stability in my study, job, mood and even relationships. Anyway my latest GPA was embarassing. It seems cum laude is a little far-reached now :( I wish I could graduate in time as my plan.

can't tell you how thankful I am for every blessing that I have so far. 
Every step that I take is just a beginning of new challenges but God sent me angels we call 'friends' who stay with me.
For once every year, I feel really really loved.
Even though I got teased and annoyed all the time but well, at least I know I mean something. Just as what they mean to me :)
Thank you for everything you guys. Me love you.

The rest of them have been posted in my instagram, check @julquerade
Lol idk why and when they started calling me princess but thank you for the cake,it was really cute and 
I myself can't even think of giving this decorated cake for a 20 y/o girl. You guys make me feel younger :p
I admit that I'm a boring introvert and that I don't talk really much with everybody so it's not easy to make friends with many staffs at pucca but thanks again pucca lopelope. Hihi.

Michelle is sort of a brilliant student I'd say. Sometimes I could see my reflection in her young soul. 
She's a caring sister too. Her sister and her bought me KFC on my birthday. Out of nowhere, seriously  KFC as birthday gift hahaha.

craziest #bffs taking picture with the birthday cake, without the birthday girl. Still love you guys :*
This year pinle n fred can't join the surprise(surely fail) but the gang was real good. xoxo
Special for 'yanto' who came from Binjai yet couldn't join the dinner bcs he had to fly back to KL: I know you didn't purposely come but thank you tannn :D


My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations

My hearts hurts whenever somebody does something nice to me yet Idk how to return the favor.
Moreover the sacrifices they did, all the words they said. Does it make me  a bad person..? 
Idk what to say. Idk how I'm feeling.


I dreamt of B after a long long time. I mean, what's the point? I never think of him anymore, why now? 
I wish I had slapped him twice. Hahaha.


The world is not a wish-granting factory-A.W

Obviously there is a reason why I can't sleep tonight. I think it's because I watched the fault in our stars this afternoon.
I fell in love with the characters in the movie.
How could I feel so unhappy with my present life while they could laugh even when they knew that they had to prepare a eulogy for each other?