No shopping malls.

Die Diery,

I was cleaning my wardrobe a few days ago n I found my beach outfits hanging, still with labels attached, waiting to be taken to a vacation. Also, I found pretty heels ready for parties. The bad news is, I was shocked to see some of my shoes fragmented from their soles and leather bags gone nearly pulverized.
I regret wearing them only once in a blue moon *cry*
I'm that kind of girl who buys things I ASSUME I'd need in the future, no matter if it hasn't got the right size for me, or the color I fancy. Simply because I "imagined" it'd look great on me and that is very very very careless.
So, now that I realize how much of a spendthrift I've become, I'm trying to deal with my financial problems.
I'll change. Fingers crossed!
Anyway I'm gonna have my old and new dresses shorten. Due to my impulsive shopping, I have a lot of slightly loose apparels -.-

Saving mode on!

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