I like you

I think I finally get over you. 
It's been quite some time since I've had a crush.
And this guy just washed you away from my head.
I really really really like him. 
I do, since the first time we met.
This feeling is so light and it's completely different from the one I had before.
Like a high schooler, I wrote his name on my notebook and I sang Archuleta's song.
I keep waiting for his texts, geez.


Birthday girls.

Happy birthday to my girls at Jakarta!!
These girls are ones of those who always listen to my complaints and make me feel at ease.  
They made me laugh when I couldn't, listened to me crying when I wanted to and accompanied me  when I needed to be. 
I like to cry alone, but it feels better when you have somebody else to comfort you.
It's too bad we can't celebrate, but I do wish you a happy happy birthday.. #BFF

You live everyday, you only die once.

I'm sorry that I have trust issues.
The truth is, everyone is just using somebody else for something.
I wish I could pack up and  leave, just like what you did.

Status: vacation needed.


I haven't cried for 6 months, I'm emotionless now.

I hate having trouble sleeping. My mind is always wandering around. 
It doesn't have to go back to how it used to be, I've let go. 
I just need to know that you're alive and breathing.