This is the end.. Close your eyes and count to three..

I can't remember my last dinner with a nice guy, who happened to be you.
The thing is, I know I'm touchy. That one fine dinner wasn't bad at all.
But, if there's one day I'd be over you, I want him to be the right person.
I had enough falling for you who at least had some histories with me. I don't want to fall for somebody whom I can't have anymore. It sucks.
I've completely lost you.  I still do the stupid ritual at night but it's meaningless now.
Because I didn't do hope. You asked me to, once. And you took it away. 
So I don't do hope.
I will still carry your heart on my sleeve, until I find him, just to make sure that I won't fall for the wrong guy anymore.
Don't let the history repeat itself.

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