New Year Resolution 2014


This 2013 has been a very tough year. I had a lot of new experiences, my first in a hell lots of things.
I remember ended 2012 with a lot of hesitation and finally grieved around in 2013.
I'm not doing it this coming year, I will live my days and nights peacefully, and maybe still think about the unforgettable moments some nights but that's gonna be all right.
I didn't complete any of my previous resolution, what a waste. But I know as much as stupid things I did, I did many things that I never regret.

It's still hard to forget you, moreover seeing you in my dream the last few nights. I still miss your name, your smell, your voice and everything, sometimes. You're coming back but believe me, after today, I'm done as though it's the hundredth swear.

Another resolution in 2014, I'm going to gym yeayyyy!! I'm taking it seriously now.
I wish to take a sewing lesson as my resolution to learn music was really abandoned, hope I could do in this year.

Can't think of any other goals, writing again soon. 

Btw it's less than 2 hours to new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 viewers!

@Julquerade :)


The fear of new year.

I dreamt of you. And it broke me to see you so clearly right in front of my face. 
There was another woman.
I want you to be gone, yet I'm aware of how you're doing. 
But if you ever come back, I know I won't be able to let you go one more time.. I know I'd take the fall and spend another year to mend it.
You're a ghost.. 
Yes, you are.


Silent Night..

Dear Diary,

I've been busier than ever the whole month and I haven't updated anything since then.
Well, firstly, Merry Merry Xmas everyone!
Always love the celebration though it's getting less fun each year.
It's D-2 to 2014 and I have a list of resolution, one of which is to live normally again as ever. No more pretending. I can't live haunted by a coward.
The last chance you could have is the last two days. Take it or blow it.
I'm not gonna talk to you first, not even if I'm dying to know if you were dead or alive.