Take care of your body, it's the only place you will live.

I'm back again to update about my xx visit to KL for my osteoarthritis treatment :/
After I "hardly" threw away my chance to get a surgery last Monday, I finally arrived here.
I'm in Seremban to seek for another alternative other than surgery.
I've been given treatment for two days now and tomorrow will be the last bcs I'm going back to Medan afterward.
I do feel better after another injection but I really hope that it would be the last.
It's really tiring to queue for hours just to see the doctor for ten minutes and... back to the hotel in the afternoon doing nothing but sleeping bcs I can't walk much. I feel bad for mom bcs she has to come with me since there's not much to do here. She told me that as a companion she has to be stronger and she has to find a cure for me or else I won't be able to push her wheelchair in her old days.
I always feel like crying when I remember that.
Well, I could bare this pain even though I have to secretly cry and consume pain-killers trying not to worry my parents but mom's right. I have a long way to go and our parents get older each year. I will need to take care of them and before that I really have to take care of myself.

So, I'm ready to be healed. I'm getting more and more nervous each day, feeling anxious if the pain could just go away without any trace. I promised myself that I will end this year healthy and the next one too. 
I have listed my new year resolutions in my head. All it takes is one miracle.

Anyway I don't want to mark myself as a young person who has been through quite a lot but I actually learnt a lot. I learnt how to value and take care of myself bcs nobody else would, I learnt how to be grateful and most importantly, I learnt to see the love that my parents give to me.
Now..have you? See what they have done for you? Take care of the body that God gave to you? Or maybe count your blessings?


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