Happy 365 days, pallllllllll

I still remember today, the first time we really talked, and..our small talks turned us to be "pals".
We were magnetic. Those pick-up lines you made, saying that everything goes from strangers to friends to best friends to soulmates and so on. We were nearly there.
I had a lot of wishful thoughts when we were chilling.. The best part was always the arguments...or the times you texted me at your drunken nights..or normal talks about the future.

You were the first person who told me to be myself and don't change for anybody else.
The first man who wanted me to be open, who never judge me or others.
So there was no pride or shame between us bcs we could just say what's in our mind without feeling insecure.
There isn't a notch of awkwardness despite all the differences we have..
I could tell you how cold you've become and you could tell me how annoying I was when I kept on nagging like your mom.

It was great for a while till somebody stopped trying.
I'll never stop blaming myself for giving all of my love to a jerk, but after all, 
you'd always be my favorite jerk.
I can tell that I've moved on and I'm glad that we're still pals. Yes, pals.
But you are busier than ever since you moved out.
I kinda miss you, pal..

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