I touched her for the last time. Dad covered her body with a cloth and I gave her my headband that I was wearing as my honor to her for being with us for 8 years. We're going to bury her..

I lost my little girl today, 3 hours ago. It's raining like ever but it can't wash away the tears.
She's been my best friend, sister, company, she's an angel and one of my greatest gifts.

When I was younger, I prayed to God for all and both of us to grow old together, that I want to die before her. Selfish yes, I fear the pain of loss more than anything. 
Eversince she got cancer, I fear of losing her but I didn't know it'd happen so quickly.
I was so busy today, going home after college and off to work with macarons as lunch then home with short dinner then back to work. My biggest regret is that I haven't even seen or talked to her today.

Dear Melly,
Thank you for listening to my stories when no one was there, thank you for watching me cry at my lowest time, thank you for running to me every time I'm home, thank you for accompanying me and my family with faith for so long and thank you for your love. 

She's best in everything, she's adorable and the whole family is grieving bcs she's already part of us.
I'm so sorry for not taking care of you lately Mel. I love you so much, we all do.
Grandma will miss you as you're her only company when we're off to school or work.
Grandpa is always proud of you and compliment you as a good pet in front of everyone.
Mom looks ignorant but she cried for you, you know that your cuteness won her heart right?
Remember Dad was the one who bathed you last Sunday? He loves talking about you, you're not simply a spoil house pet like the others.
And me.. I'll miss sharing things with you, looking at your shiny eyes, having you running towards me..everything about you, Mel. As I will always say, you're more than just a pet for me.
I hope you rest in peace and be a real angel. Don't reincarnate. Being a human isn't that great as you always get something to lose it. And it hurts. But if you do, I'm sure you deserve a better place.


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