If they love you, nothing will ever stand out of their way, right?

Ask me whether I was happy or not, I honestly don't know.
Right now, there's only one question about how I feel that I'm certain with. 

After 10 days, I'm still trying to keep my life on the track.
I'm building my life back, but it's collapsing rapidly. 
I know I hated working, but I never wished I'd have such bad accident. I sprained my ankle badly last Sunday. And I've been home like 4 days, doing nothing.
I've been stuffing myself with foods, movies ever since. Now I need more movies or else I dunno what to do anymore. Ew.
I'm not good at keeping people with me. I either accidentally punched them in the face or kicked them out of my life. When I do take care of them, they just disappeared.

Anyway, I've had quite many new experiences in my late 18th and early 19th. It feels so great although my young,wild and free 19th spirit is kinda trapped in this body which I'm taking care of delicately. 
Cheers :)


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