Happy Eid Mubarak!

Holiday like finally. I was already pissed with my job. I guess teaching is not my thing after all?
I was happy with my part-time job but now that I have to work from Monday to Monday, I'm just exhausted.
Family time worths a thousand words. I must say that it is cool to have such happy little family.
Even though the journey took like 14-hour drive and I did mind that, the time we spent was invaluable. 

Going back to Parapat for the second time,this time we didn't miss the sunset! 
We got there quite late because of the traffic and...me?
There was something that I did beforehand, something related to B. I didn't regret it though. Will tell the drama later.
I love the weather, I love the view. Too bad I didn't get the chance to feel the freshness of Toba Lake water.
Anyway, it was great bcs we spent a night there and went to Sipiso-piso waterfall.
And thanks to dad for being such a safe and patient driver plus photographer of the days *hug*


Some kind of island which name I forgot. Tehee

My bro is super tall ._.

Nice weather isn't it?


I took this pic!



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