Revenge is sweet,just. Sweet.

Today, I arrived at my workplace earlier than ever, I had a perfect wavy hair and I even took my breakfast. 
I didn't freak out with students and the best thing was that I had time for a nap.
So I thought today would be perfect but it turned out wrong.
Well, I won't be cooing about what had happened but I really wish that all bullies in every corner of this world would just burn in hell. They're worse than liars. Obv.

I hate to lose my pride, moreover; in front of others especially by those who can never put themselves in my shoes and feel what it is like to stutter.
I was so fed up that I don't even want to talk about it anymore simply because there are too many idiots in this planet.
Those immatures just don't get what patience and consideration is.

It's real hard to try to be nice after everything, but at this point, I'm gonna explode.
Everybody was born both angelic and demonic, well it's not that hard to be mean as it's our nature.
I know I appear alright but please, enough with forgiving and forgetting. 
I'm losing myself.

My health is still so so. November. Just wait for my come back,huh.

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