Quality time with the girls

Seeing Gab had posted about our 24hrs of togetherness, I feel like posting one positive day in my life too hehehe.
It has been ages since I posted sth good.
I did have fun gathering with all highschool fellows but nothing was real crazy as this one.
5 of us really spent nearly 24hrs together that I think we should buy a house and live together in it! Isn't it gonna be epic?
We had fun chit chatting and laughing during dinner, came out from the car to buy snacks n dvds and ppl were looking at us like...fantastic 5 (?).
Then we watched movies till midnight and gossiped till dawn..fell asleep, woke up and continued talking..dozed off and it was already 10 a.m!!
The next day we had brunch n went to watch The Conjuring.
Let's do this again!
I can't be happier as God sent these girls for me. They make me forget shits, help me to heal.
Thanks girls :*

Dinner time

Asoi,Gabi,Ceha,Pinle,me <3

Morning looks

They took this pic while I was showering with my ipad and set it as wallpaper!!

Leaving for brunch!

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