Feeling awesome

Yesterday was my first time boarding alone. 7.40 flight,I took a taxi myself from the hotel at 5.30, arrived at the airport at seven, I nearly miss my flight really. Nevertheless,I feel great that I can take care of myself now. What I disputed a lot was my ticket cost which if I add up with taxi fee, I could have spent it on another pairs of shoes,those tops I didn't buy plus the bag which was on 20% sale!

So my surgery schedule will be on November 25th. The question is..can I endure that long?
What I'm saying is that my parents have spent much on my two feet and I really hope this time I'll recover and stop popping pills or seeing doctors. 

While mom and bro were staying at Genting, I spent time all by myself. Slept,ate,swam and shopped alone for a day and I kinda enjoyed it. Maybe after I've recovered I'll try traveling alone :D
Yes, only if mom would leave credit card and some cash again HAHAHA :p

Final exam is here,wish me luck.
Miss you btw.


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