Lose the argument, not the person.

I'm at KL now after checking up for my feet yesterday.
I got osteofit,the doctor said. Plantar fascitis, the other one said. 
7 doctors with no fix solution even diagnosis. I guess I need to keep the faith on just one.
After a day shopping yesterday my feet hurt again,so I  gotta rest a lot. 
Will be living so well like a queen for a few days,count it as a getaway I guess.
*I prefer being a cool outgoing shopaholic one tho*
Mom n bro hang out during the day while I cram on exam slides,play games and watch TV in my hotel room.
Well most of the time, your words crossed my mind n cracked the silence.
I was watching a birthday-made video from a guy to his girl and just..feeling weak.
Mom came back in the middle of the atmosphere n asked, "Hv you been sleeping? Look how swollen your eyes are."
My heart just whispered, "I didn't even sleep,mom."
I wish we could thaw our frozen state. 

Went to watch White House Down today with mom n bro to stuff my head but then I got your text. What is it with you???

  Shoutout to one of my new babies. Mom was pissed with my addiction lol.



7 for 7

Sometimes it feels so perfect. Sometimes.
Then I look in the mirror..."nothing lasts forever", it says.
Maybe I drank a little too much, wondered a little too far.
I couldn't seal the moment, not in my bad memory...
Anyway, we didn't make it to my plan but today was great.
Dinner n chill. Enjoyed it.
Thank you, just...don't make it a hit and run.

   Look at the sunset on our way back.🌸


KMB USU 2013 Vesak Celebration

It was really my first to be a part of an event. I mean, it was quite a festive and I was the coordinator of publication and documentation. 
Held on May 18th, people said that it ran well (although little did go wrong).
Whatever it was, my first experience was quite distressing. I think I didn't contribute well on the event,nor did I work right on it. *pessimism of the first-borns*
But I'm glad to work with a lot of people, moreover they're so capable on their job. I wish you luck,guys ;)