Hello again

Die Diery,

Just a forth step to third semester!
Exam was okay I guess.
Mid sem has passed and I have 2 days to refresh myself yet I already used my first free day doing assignments. Well I have to perform 3 presentations in May which means I can only get some space in June.
Just pass please? I need vacation. I super need vacation. I wanna  go to beach. The picture's already in my head. Sandy shore, clear water, sunglasses, sheer, bikini?
Planned to fly to Malaysia for a two-night refreshing but really failed bcs I had no companion :(
Am supposed to fly tomorrow!!! :(

By the way, it's the end of April. Just a few months to holiday. Can't let myself loose though.
I'm so free tomorrow,kinda sucks actually...don't know whom I should be asking out with but I plan to shop and have some me-time alone.

And..do you know..I hate the fact that girls are so sensitive and overthinking. Like wondering why no texts from you and I can't ask bcs I fear if I look so dumb (Girl's pride?) or you'll say that I think too much. Somehow this feeling isn't fading and it makes everything awkward. I hope it's just me. Maybe I do think too much because I've cared too much and I can't stop caring.