Very first time to help as interpreter @ JW Marriott hotel together with my college friends :D
It was a New Zealand Education Fair held in Indonesia in 3 cities: Jakarta,Surabaya and Medan.
So I decided to try it out last Saturday. I was assigned to assist Ms. Philippa, the representative and also the director of Eastern Institute of Technology in NZ. She was lovely :)

Honestly,EIT has a wine-making department which is just cool. Living near vineyard....is just amazing!
Overall the fair was well-prepared, yet it wasn't crowded due to students' school examination (I guess). 

Philippa and Me!




#nowplaying March

1. I Stay In Love - Mariah Carey
2. I Love You This Big - Scotty McCreery
3. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz



Die Diery,

Everything was so good for awhile.
That 3-second time made me realize what a fool I've been. Knowing that I shouldn't have crossed the line and gone that far. Now I feel weak enough to let go. Astray.
Like a walking dead,something's missing. 
It's over even before it started. Better,less pain.
I really need a shoulder now, but I won't shed a tear. I have to stop feeling wasted because I deserve better :(

"Never get too attached to someone because attachment leads to expectation and expectation leads to disappointment."



Restless week,drooping eyelids every morning due to assignments... It is just the beginning and I've felt breathless. The first time in my life to hope that a week is more than seven days.
Second semester is already tough but seniors said everything will get worse.
Beside deadlines,we've got weekly randomized presentation,quiz,blog posting,reading and stuffs!
Basically there are 7 subjects and we must have things done on each every week.
There are 3 more books,really.